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Health Check

The primary purpose of a Salesforce Health Check is to ensure that the Salesforce platform is aligned with an organization's business objectives, functions efficiently, and complies with best practices and industry standards. A Health Check will include:

System Assessment

The service provider conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the organization's Salesforce setup, including its customizations, data architecture, workflows, and user access settings.

Data Quality Review

The quality of data within the Salesforce system is examined to detect any data cleanliness issues, duplicates, or inconsistencies. Data hygiene is crucial for accurate reporting and analytics.

Customization and Configuration Assessment

Custom code, workflows, and automation are examined to verify if they align with best practices and are optimized for efficiency.

User Adoption Analysis

The adoption of Salesforce among users is analyzed to identify any potential training needs or issues that may be hindering user productivity.

Documentation and Reporting

A detailed report summarizing the Health Check findings, recommendations, and suggested actions is typically provided to the organization. This documentation serves as a roadmap for making improvements and enhancing the Salesforce system.

Performance Evaluation

The performance of the Salesforce instance is analyzed to identify any bottlenecks, slow-running processes, or areas where improvements can be made for better system responsiveness.

Security and Access Control Audit

A review of security settings and access controls is performed to ensure that data is appropriately protected and that users have the right level of access to data and functionalities.

Integration Evaluation

If the Salesforce system is integrated with other applications or systems, the Health Check assesses the health of these integrations to ensure data flows smoothly and without errors.

Recommendations and Action Plan

Based on the findings of the assessment, the service provider provides a set of recommendations and an action plan to address any identified issues or areas for improvement. This could include optimizing configurations, providing additional training, or implementing new features.

A Salesforce Health Check is a proactive approach to ensuring that an organization's investment in Salesforce continues to provide value and remains aligned with its evolving needs. It helps identify and rectify issues before they become major problems, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and effective use of the Salesforce platform.
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